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About Virtual Patron Foundation

Founding of Virtual Patron

Virtual Patron was founded in 2010 as a financial vehicle to help those who help others.

There are many organizations that apply their expertise to solving challenging problems of the day. These organizations cannot survive without volunteer help and external funding. Asking volunteers for countless hours of their time is asking a lot. Also asking these same volunteers for donations can be asking too much. While many do donate money in addition to their time, many can not. You can make a difference by contributing now.

While most charities are good, some are very good and others, let's just say are not-so-good. The founders of Virtual Patron work hard to qualify charities. In many cases, we personally work with the charity. In all cases, we are personally touched by the call of the charity.

There are many big-hearted philanthropists in the world. We get by as a society by helping each other. The goal of Virtual Patron is to bring the two together, the philanthropist and the qualified charity.

Donations to Virtual Patron are Tax-Deductible

Virtual Patron Foundation (EIN# 27-1492342) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Just like the organizations we support, we rely on the support of corporations, foundations and individuals.

Virtual Patron Foundation protects donor privacy

As a matter of organizational practice, we will not sell or share your name or personal information with any other entity unless required to by law.

Virtual Patron Foundation is committed to transparency

Virtual Patron believes in transparency and operates under disclosure required by the laws of the State of Florida. We comply with IRS 990 financial requirements.

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